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Greetings! In my capacity as Political Editor, I am pleased to welcome you to the Devil’s Review! Call me Alfred Smith. Not because that’s my name. It isn’t.  My real […]


In my capacity as Political Editor, I am pleased to welcome you to the Devil’s Review!

Call me Alfred Smith. Not because that’s my name. It isn’t.  My real name is listed under the heading ‘PhD candidates’ on the website of a certain university located somewhere in the UK. The real names of my dear friends and fellow scholars, Henri de Mistral and Peter Sayles, editor-in-chief and artistic editor respectively, will also be found on the websites of universities in the UK and the US.  We are, as it were, in the belly of the beast that is the modern Western educational establishment, and given our views on politics, race, culture, aesthetics, and history, we cannot safely reveal our true identities to the world.

In our daily lives we are forced much of the time to be silent or to employ subterfuge. For instance, some months ago at a gathering of my peers, after having drunk about a third of a bottle of whisky (this may be an overly modest estimate), I declared, staring everyone down with wide bloodshot eyes, the following: ‘ “European” does not mean “cosmopolitan,” it does not mean the EU; the term denotes a distinct people, or family of peoples. What are Europeans? Well, they’re NOT BLOODY TURKS! Let’s agree on that for a start!’  And what, you may ask, was the response? Peals of laughter, of course! This, they understood, was one of my jokes.  I have managed to cultivate a reputation for myself as the funny chap in the department who drinks rather a lot at parties and pretends to be a bigot for the sole purpose of providing amusement. I’ve even heard my peers whisper on occasion, ‘Ha! Surely Alfred doesn’t really mean those silly things!’

Of course we do tire of play-acting all the time. For this reason, we go under cover a few times a year to places where we can talk openly and seriously to people who, unlike most inhabitants of ivory towers, have the distinct advantage of being sane. Well, at least they know, as all our illustrious ancestors knew, that Turks are not Europeans! We regularly attend such events as the annual conferences of the Mencken Club, Traditional Britain Group and American Renaissance, and would be most pleased to make your acquaintance on such occasions. But annual or semi-annual conferences are not enough. We aim, as far as is possible, to create a space for truth and honesty on the central problems facing the European race that will be accessible all the time and from any location.  At any of the above-named conferences so much unvarnished truth and brutal honesty are bandied about that an ordinary inhabitant of the politically correct post-modern West might suffer a nosebleed. After hour in such a punishing environment, a typical 300 lb. lesbian Marxist ‘woman and gender studies’ lecturer could, I imagine, spontaneously combust, or perhaps be transformed into a woolly mammoth, or an immense swarm of  fleas. In short, we aim to create a similar environment on the web as much to educate, inspire and amuse our friends as to cause the eyes and ears of our enemies to bleed, and their heads to explode. This is the purpose of The Devil’s Review.

But why, you may ask, do we need another webzine like Alternative Right, the blogs of the Traditional Britain Group and The Quarterly Review, American Renaissance, VDare or Takimag? I answer: We like to think that our work complements that of the above publications. Though our writers do sometimes comment on the news and what passes today for ‘culture,’ our writing is not primarily journalistic. We are more concerned with deeper questions of social and political philosophy, of history and aesthetics, of the concrete lived traditions of our European ancestors. As the above list of topics implies, our writers have a variety of interests. We also have different opinions on various matters. For instance, some of us are sympathetic to the traditional European Christianity practiced by our ancestors before the advent of Puritanism and the Enlightenment. Others embrace the teachings of Norse Paganism.

On one question, however, we are all in agreement: that the form of political life called ‘democratic capitalism’ or ‘liberal democracy’ is, and always has been, an ugly failure and a fraud, and that the salvation of our people is to be found in a reconstruction of the aristocratic ethos and the aristocratic forms of our European ancestors. Such a reconstruction has many facets. Our aim is to supply the ideas and the inspiration for an aristocratic revolution in politics, in economics, in opinions on race and good breeding, in religion, historiography and aesthetics.

I will take this opportunity to highlight a few of our programmatic writings.

On the nature of man, I recommend S.J. Irving’s five-part essay The Political Anthropology of the Divine Beast. Part 1 can be read here:


On aesthetics in general, and the art of painting in particular, see Peter Sayles’ essay ‘Classical Realism and The Renewal of Art: The Viability of Traditional Painting in an Era of Rampant Ugliness’:


Anyone who has an appreciation for fine classical European art can probably think of a painting, at the first sight of which, he was in awe.  Even without a description or any knowledge, the beauty is there. Only a great soul could have imagined and created this.  Piss Christ will not produce this effect. We must hear or read a complicated explanation as to why this ought to be considered art. But the explanation is nothing but lies. It is what it appeared to be at first glance, an obscene thing, which should be hurled from atop a high cliff together with the mutilated corpse of its author.

That said, I recommend Mr Sayles’ occasional commentaries on particular works of art. The aim of his project, I believe, is to help his readers re-cultivate the taste for beauty which the post-modern age has beaten out of so many of us, and a healthy loathing for ugliness.

I shall also not miss an opportunity for shameless self-promotion. Some of our ideas on aristocratic politics and the aristocratic revolution to come can be found in two of my essays below:

Reflections on the 2012 American Renaissance Conference


In defence of the Lords – Reinstating heredity and continuity to Britain’s constitution


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Alfred Smith is the alter-ego of a graduate student in politics who lives somewhere in the UK