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Title: Medusa

Artist: Franz Von Stuck

Completion Date: 1892

Style: Symbolism

Genre: mythological painting

Tags: Greek and Roman mythology, Medusa


Painted in 1892, Von Stuck’s Medusa arrests the viewer at first gaze. Writhing, sinuous snakes crown the Gorgon while she stares out at the world with mesmerizing eyes. Limpid and reflective, her irises are set within a feminine visage. Von Stuck focused the viewer’s attention to the eyes in order to convey the petrifying power behind them. August Kubizek related in his memoirs, Adolf Hitler, mein Jugendfreund that he had visited a gallery with the young Adolf Hitler. The future Führer of the Third Reich gazed at Von Stuck’s Medusa and suddenly exclaimed, “Those eyes, Kubizek! Those were my mother’s eyes”. The similarity is remarkable when one views a photograph of Klara Hitler. Von Stuck’s oneiric visions were both extraordinary and prescient.




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