Mitt Romney: Say ‘No’ in 2012

The presidential race is on and the upcoming election date is grinding ever closer, with November only a couple of weeks away. President Obama looks to be re-elected after a somewhat […]

The presidential race is on and the upcoming election date is grinding ever closer, with November only a couple of weeks away. President Obama looks to be re-elected after a somewhat disappointing first term and Mitt Romney wants to capitalize on Obama’s downturn and seeks to take the White House for himself. As usual the smearing, slandering and negative publicity tactics have been under way for months — which is no surprise in American politics — and as the campaign of blame continues, the populace of this once great nation is watching and waiting to see which scandal will rise from the mire of political battle and be fed into the media grinder next. Mitt Romney has been under heavy scrutiny from the aimless Democrats and his own uptight GOP rivals alike for months on various issues concerning his character and his background. What with all the controversy surrounding his campaign, it has become more and more painfully clear that Mitt Romney, with his underhanded business ventures, sinister associates, uncommon and damaging religious beliefs, and constantly changing viewpoints, would be a horrible choice for president in 2012.

The first negative Romney association which makes him a poor presidential choice is his involvement with Bain Capital, a buyout firm that deals in the restructuring of companies in order to promote investor profit along with the profit of those creating the purchases. Established in 1984, co-founder William Bain chose a 37-year-old Romney recently out of Harvard to helm his company. We can see how Romney chose to turn a profit for Bain Capital with the closing of SCM Office Supplies Inc. in 1995 which put over 200 people out of work. After being acquired by Bain the entire staff was laid off directly following the 4th of July and then treated to a giant smack in the face when they were optionally allowed to re-apply for their jobs at reduced wages and benefits. The workers of course went on strike soon after, and Bain called their bluff and coldly and in the name of investor profit closed the plant. Mitt Romney became a multi-millionaire during his time with Bain by living off the backs of the US workers he has put out on the street. With such a ruthless and heartless business mind set along with his underhanded business history Romney is clearly not fit to be the leader of the free world or any world in existence for that matter.

Another decidedly good reason Romney should not be considered for president is his political associations. Every good politician needs his friends much like a mafia don Romney needs his consigliere to support him and see that the little people of the political world don’t make waves and to ensure the success of all ventures undertaken, and in the political realm Mitt Romney has Bob White, a 56-year-old lifelong “friend” is an unscrupulous, ball-busting slug-for-hire and one of Romney’s original acquisitions from the Bain Capital days and he has been at Romney’s side the whole way since, much like a dark shadow in the background yanking the puppet strings of his favorite toy bitch. White loves advising from the darkness and making sure Romney stays on the campaign trail. When Romney ran for governor, White was there organizing and keeping it all on track. When Romney put in his bid for the presidency, White was appointed, as a surprise to no one, to chair his campaign. A man is a reflection of the company he keeps, and Ben Coes, a Romney campaign manager, describes White as “the kind of guy who could be urinating on your shoes while talking to you, and you’d thank him afterward.” This description gives a clear picture of this man, who will do anything it takes to win and explains how Romney has gotten as far as he has. (Scheiber 5) With a man like White in his corner some of Romney’s major missteps were reduced to lost face and allowed him to stay in the presidential race when he should have been out on his uptight thieving ass months ago. While a potential presidential candidate needs excellent backing to achieve his goals; who they surround him or herself with will determine the atmosphere for their time in the Oval Office. And as we can see from Romney’s close ties to Bob White and White’s sinister way of keeping Romney on track, the type of dealings that would be sliding through the White House door immediately makes the words “rotten” and ‘unsavory’ come to mind along with other more colorful ones that will not be mentioned. You would think that America would rather avoid that kind of trouble on Capitol Hill, and Romney along with White should be kept out of office and politics in general and it demonstrates that he is unfit to be the Commander-In-Chief.

Next we have an important realm in which Romney is a poor choice, his personal religious beliefs. Mitt Romney, as a member of the Mormon faith, has had his views questioned repeatedly in the past and also currently. As a member of what some would consider a cult religion hell bent on corporate profit and the subjugation of followers it is no surprise that some wonder what Romney would do if he was ever in a position of authority? In 2007 during a speech at the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University, Romney was quoted as saying “I do not define my candidacy by my religion.” In order to dodge attention on his upbringing and of course maintained that personal religion should not determine whether a person is elected or not. He went on to say “let me assure you that no authorities of my church, or of any other church for that matter, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions.” To further attempt to reduce any heat he might have taken on his alternative religious choice. But where his statements lose their weight is the fact that he is most certainly a devout Mormon, and as anyone call tell you concerning the Mormon faith, the elders of the church most certainly have an influence on what a follower does especially a prominent member such as Romney. (Wallace 9) Not only would there be influence on his decisions but Romney lives his life by the Mormon tenets of non-tolerance of all non-Mormons along with the direct and tyrannical control of every aspect of a follower’s life and would most certainly attempt to shape the US into that image during his time in office. Not everyone is Mormon in America nor would they want to be forced to live like one in a country where religious views are supposed to be free and supported by liberty. This potentially forced religious disaster would cause nation-wide unrest along with the potential for public protests which could lead to religious revolts which clearly demonstrates to any logical and thinking human being another viable reason why Romney should be kept out of the White House.

Lastly and very importantly a huge reason Romney is unfit to be president is what he says, and how he blatantly and with feverish abandon contradicts his own statements. Often in an election debate the dialogue, albeit dripping with bullshit and tactless mud- slinging, is the relative lifeblood or the destruction of a campaign especially concerning standpoints on important political issues such as federal finance and debt, along with abortion laws and other sensitive American concerns. A candidate’s view on paramount issues is what their campaign is built on as he or she attempts to sway voters based on what they believe on the current situations being presented. Romney follows this blueprint like many others, but with the somewhat dangerous (and not all that surprising) shallow addition of constantly changing his position. And so it is not all that shocking that some of his statements are coming back to bite him in his lying, plutocratic ass and have had a direct and immediate negative effect on his already shady credibility as he has recently been accused of flip-flopping from one standpoint to another on every hot button topic since the inception of the current political race.

As John Maynard Keynes once said “When circumstances change, I change my mind. And what do you do, sir?” Romney has taken such tactics to heart and perfected his talent at misdirection and spineless statements as he spews meaningless drivel about his standpoints and then changes them from one debate to another. Also Romney has been jumping to the other side of the spectrum on the extreme views he has taken in the past to defeat his Republican rivals. To beat out Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich he became an anti-immigration hard-liner and agreed to slash the federal budget, although since he has flipped his position and said he will not agree to deep cuts during the ‘current’ recession, as if the plunging American economy ever had a change to recover under the watchful eyes of recent corporate handling much like Romney’s Bain days. This of course resulting in the shooting of the rich one percent into the stratosphere atop a champagne cork of corrupt profits as they ride the brackish spray of the sewage the rest of the populace is forced to swallow. To defeat Rick Santorum, Romney opposed abortion and even contraception, but now has backed off the issue since acquiring the primary Republican ticket even though his Mormon beliefs are clearly opposed to any and all abortion or contraception with the church’s standpoint being the absolute control over all female members for breeding purposes. This has been demonstrated in American media as the Mormon norm as seen in the all too public legal actions against so called Mormon “breeding strongholds”. Romney seems to go whatever way the voters do, and he is all too happy to please the mob. He will pick up a viewpoint based on how many new votes it will potentially get him, and drop it just as fast if the crowd seems to be changing their minds. This display shows that Romney has no morality and has no spine and is weak willed when it comes to his viewpoints, or perhaps he is utilizing a more devious way to gain ground and gain points in the polls for the upcoming elections in November. Either way this shows that the character and tactics he uses in his speeches reek of flaws and that his words are feeble and worthless and at his core he is not the kind of man America needs as a president now or ever.

When shown all of these various examples of his many undesirable qualities combined with the public evidence records to back the statements of detriment to his character and his political views it is not only a valid opinion but a painfully obvious one that Mitt Romney would only be a bad choice, and a potentially destructive one for America. With him at the head of our floundering nation the US would certainly only see more social and economic hardships and continue the downward trend of recent years. Romney’s own thoughts and ideas seem to be erratic at best and his views often do not concern what the American populace think and only serve his personal agenda which make him a poor choice as a leader of anything from an ice cream shop to any substantial office, political or otherwise. His past dealings in finance can only be described as blatantly underhanded and greedy and when combined with Romney’s various “friends” who he has hand-picked to continue the corporate slaughter in the name of investor profit we have the makings of a portrait of a man that deserves to be shoved off a cliff and who is entitled to nothing from America let alone the chair of the man in charge. Add to this mix his stern and imposing cult religion which could lead to stringent and unwanted laws that would make Big Brother look like Little Sister and his trampoline level flip-flopping in the political arena and what you have is a recipe for four years of economic and political disaster that would push this country to the breaking point. It is imperative that in November all Americans that can vote do so and it is paramount that Romney not be allowed to take the presidency. When faced with the lesser of two evils at the polls the people can become disillusioned about what choice to make; but it is far better to have another term with a semblance of stability than to allow a man like Mitt Romney to take the White House and drive our country straight into the gaping maw of utter destruction, which he most certainly will.

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