Game Review: War of the Vikings

Imagine, if you will, a superb third-person online combat title. Now spice it up with rich Nordic-Germanic lore (Vikings versus Saxons) as well as fast-paced skirmishing. Then, toss in some beautiful maps and […]

Imagine, if you will, a superb third-person online combat title. Now spice it up with rich Nordic-Germanic lore (Vikings versus Saxons) as well as fast-paced skirmishing. Then, toss in some beautiful maps and enough customization options to make a drag queen drool. Well done, young raider, you now have my next game review title, War of the Vikings. This is no slouch of a title either, as you will be tried, tested, and found wanting upon the virtual fields of battle. However, with time and patience your skill will improve granting a satisfying experience that will have you returning to swing your axe again and again.

War of the Vikings is an online multiplayer medieval combat and action game from Fatshark and Paradox Interactive. It features up to twelve-versus-twelve deathmatch and conquest game types over server connections featuring a deep loadout customization system and a unique combat control scheme that has a bit of a learning curve, which I enjoy as it makes for a deeper play experience that requires the player to invest time and strategy versus the usual brainless button-mashing of most modern games. (Tekken, anyone?) Anyone who is familiar with the Mount & Blade game series will feel right at home with the controls and anyone new can jump in and pick up the gist quickly but will find that only the truly dedicated rise to really become a force with which to be reckoned.

Rounds play out quickly, keeping the flow from becoming stagnant while a variety of maps to learn will keep a player on their toes as they find the best places to fight and the best times to retreat. Death comes easily in War of the Vikings as the weapon mechanics mirror their real life counterparts and while Call of Duty might think ten shots won’t kill you this game says one axe to the face (or chest) and it’s off to Valhalla with you. Players are given a wide range of tools to draw blood, from swords to spears or axes as well as throwing weapons and bows for those wanting to keep their foes at a distance. Couple this with a decent perk system and you can truly forge your very own custom Viking or Saxon death machine. It sounds brutal — and it totally is.

Now while the game doesn’t have a campaign mode, it does fully invest in the multiplayer aspect of the experience. Starting a round as the Vikings and hearing the announcer screaming for you to send all the Saxon scum to their White Christ gets the blood pumping for some wholesale slaughter and makes you feel like the developers actually read a history book (for once). The Saxons are no pushovers either. On their side, you’ll hear the announcer screaming to send the Pagan devils to Hell (good luck, sucker; this Viking doesn’t go down without a fight!) and shows that both sides of the conflict are faithfully represented.

Once you are over the slight learning curve and gain a few ranks, players will find the bread-and-butter of this game is the joy of the combat itself (hurrah for awesome content!). Nothing is better than facing down three foes and finishing them all off with sheer skill, a boast most games can’t make. Customizing your own warriors gives a feeling of accomplishment, in addition to satisfaction when a new perk and weapon combo really goes your way. All in all, it’s a game in which you’ll find yourself spending hours hacking and slashing away to your heart’s content. Given the support of a decent community and hardcore player-base, this game will challenge you and make you actually feel your growth as you become more and more skillful.

So, my rating on this one is between ‘Raid It!’ and ‘Buy It!’ In other words, try it for free and then, if you like it, pay for a licensed copy — or ‘Try It!’ for short. This is a firm Try-It title.

In my companion video I mention a very similar free to play game called War of the Roses by the same company and encourage those on the fence to try that title first. It’s technically not raiding then buying, because you’re just trying a similar game that’s free-to-play, but it’s as close as you’re going to get and it’ll give you an idea of what you are getting into. For some the learning curve can lead to frustration and this method allows you to test your inner ‘rage quit’ limits before you plunk down your hard earned cash on War of the Vikings. But for those with the patience and the valor to brave the battlefield this game can be an awesome experience.

Thanks again to everyone out there I will return soon with yet another awesome review and video so until then this is Thorgrim Gunnarson, the Viking Gamer saying hold the line, my fellow raiders!

…And, of course, skol!

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