CPAC 2012: "The Horror, the Horror!"

Recently, this author left his ancestral New England abode and journeyed south to America’s ‘Great Wen’ in order to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Organized by the American […]

Recently, this author left his ancestral New England abode and journeyed south to America’s ‘Great Wen’ in order to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Organized by the American Conservative Union since 1973, this conclave serves as an annual powwow for America’s much-vilified conservative movement. Steeped in paleoconservative theory, sympathetic to Continental Neue Rechte positions, fascinated by the Jewish Question and deeply distrustful of the Beltway Right, I nevertheless sought to put aside my own prejudices and enter the conference with an open mind. I emerged at its conclusion fully contemptuous of American conservatism and confirmed in my own traditionalist, rightist beliefs. Sam Francis was too kind when he referred to Beltway conservatives as ‘beautiful losers’; they were distinctly neither that weekend! Woefully inadequate on intellectual, ideological and aesthetic grounds, they represented the best that Middle America offers against Judeo-liberal, New Class elites. It proves small wonder that American whites face increasing political and social dispossession with such mediocrities resisting our alien masters! If rightist whites desire to build a viable future for themselves, they must abandon their necrophilic adoration of a Brylcreemed, B-movie actor and advance distinctly identitarian politics for the twenty-first century. This necessarily entails the recognition of serious flaws and a committed desire to rectify them.

Firstly, the conference attendees displayed a distinct lack of serious education and vulgarly demonstrated their own provincialism and class limitations. Being in my twenties, I conversed with many other young people and was unimpressed. The attendees displayed a conspicuous lack of awareness and serious reflection on the issues of the day. Raised by Republican parents, they seem to have absorbed political theory in the form of easy soundbites from such Murdoch shills as Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. When asked about their political beliefs, they responded with such vagaries as ‘liberty’, ‘democracy’ and ‘religious freedom’. One wonders if they could be persuaded to adopt the slogan ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’ and thus regress into puerile assurances provided by childhood fantasy heroes. Certainly, Ronald Reagan appeared to be their ‘Man of Steel’ and one of the most popular attractions on the conference floor proved a booth where you could have your photograph taken with a cardboard cut-out of the Teflon President. Bemused and desiring entertainment, I did so and the resultant image is no doubt now floating in cyberspace and waiting to embarrass me later in life.

None of these people present displayed any real grasp of rightist political theory and seemed to blindly follow neoconservative propaganda. In fact, in a earlier age, they would easily be classified as Cold War Democrats along the lines of Scoop Jackson. Their lack of serious intellectual qualifications and political awareness proved to be alarmingly sophomoric and convinced me of their ovine natures. Awakening them is a Herculean task and one which authentic rightists must devote themselves while fully aware of the exertion involved. This will not be easily considering the steady stream of pap fed to these attendees by Republican pied pipers who run direct-mail campaigns to scare old ladies and live richly off the resulting proceeds!

So engorged with this poison of false conservatism supplied by the Beltway Right, those present proved incapable of differentiating authentic right-wing ideology from what they’ve known since childhood. Desiring to be little briefcase-toting Alex P. Keatons and save America from the ‘Demmy-crats’, and ‘Islamofascism’ they have unknowingly accepted much of the Left’s shibboleths to the extent that a copy of National Review circa 1963 would genuinely frighten them. At that point, Buckley actually ran articles discussing human biodiversity and stated the obvious fact that any doctor in Africa can identify a Caucasoid from a Negroid skull by simply looking at them! In our degenerate times, these evident truths are denounced as ‘racism‘ and considered unpalatable in polite society. In my examination of the conference’s display booths, I came across the Human Events table, which confirmed the degeneracy of today’s right-wing politics. Currently the managing editor of this magazine is a young Puerto Rican, who appeared to delight in alienating his fellow countrymen by favoring welfare reform. Additionally, since David Keene’s tumultuous departure from the chairmanship of the ACU, his position is currently occupied by a Cuban! While certainly anti-communist, this Hispanic gentleman cannot by his essential nature represent the legitimate group interests of white Americans. By promoting such affirmative action individuals into positions of authority, the conservative movement ceases even to pretend it cares about the continued viability of European-Americans as a distinct population.

Regrettably, this repression of legitimate identitarian politics by conference organizers expressed itself in the treatment meted out to two friends of mine. Mr. Robert Vandervoort is a fine gentlemen of Midwestern stock who serves as the executive director of a PAC called ProEnglish. This excellent organization seeks to make English the only official language throughout all of the states and preserve its primacy as the lingua franca of America. In repeated polls, this position resonates with ordinary Americans who are tired of having to press 1 for Spanish or of watching their children turned down for service jobs because they are not bilingual. Mr. Vandervoort served as the moderator of a CPAC panel discussion on the deleterious effects of multiculturalism. One of the discussants was another friend and stalwart rightist named Peter Brimelow. A former senior editor of Forbes and National Review who currently edits the website VDARE, Mr Brimelow forthrightly denounced the absurdity of multiculturalism and argued for immigration restrictions and a strong English-only policy adopted into law. The Left offered its predictable riposte and just as predictably, the ACU distanced themselves from the sensible views presented at the panel. Chairman Cardenas meekly responded that he was completely unaware of Mr. Brimelow’s existence prior to the uproar! This comment demonstrated either his cowardice or his complete ignorance of the conservative movement’s history since the Eighties.

What proved most disturbing to me was the unwillingness to support political views that are far more important than flat tax schemes or prayer in schools. The preservation of American’s historic majority is by its essence a fundamentally conservative goal and yet CPAC couldn’t lift a finger in support of either gentleman! The Beltway Right is by no means static and does change its positions. However, any change is always to the left and towards neoconservative sirens, who inwardly despise the goyim Babbits whom they influence. By defending the ‘Dispossessed Majority’, both Vandervoort and Brimelow are marginalized despite being two of the few genuine rightists actually attending the conference.

While walking through the conference, I found it relatively easy to spot members of the far-right. Firstly, we’re a distinct fraternity who know and work with each other all the time. Secondly, we display faster response times, less prominent brow ridges and superior sartorial sensibilities. I was amazed at the lack of fashion sense among the other attendees. For men, suits were obviously off-the-rack and baggy with occasional loud houndstooth patterns. One man walked by in a dated, Eighties double-breasted suit with enormous shoulder pads, huge peak lapels and a loose fit. The effect was of a Gordon Gekko type circa 1986 but the pattern was far too loud for Wall Street. The young people favored loosely fitting shirts and unflattering baggy trousers. One of the popular accessories displayed were Adam Smith neckties with repeated images of the economist across them. These were incredibly vulgar and an example of the sort of unreflective bourgeois triumphalism found among College Republicans. As a test to amuse myself, I remarked to a young ginger-haired man at the Heritage Foundation booth that I liked the side vents on his suit jacket. He stared uncomprehendingly back at me and I believe that if I’d said I liked the side castratos or the side tarantellas on his jacket, he would have thanked me just the same!

This ignorance of tailoring also applied to the women present. Fortunately, there were few noticeable pantsuits and most women appeared to understand the proper application of makeup instead of laying it on with a trowel. Despite this, the uniform appeared drab with mauve being the dominant color of many outfits. I longed for Mrs. Thatcher’s Aquascutum demi-couture and instead found J.C. Penney’s women’s department. Bizarrely, an attendee named Melissa Clouthier wrote that the women attendees appeared ‘whoreish’ in their dress and behavior. I found them to be Peoria’s finest, with a distinctly American aesthetic that could never compare to the glacial beauty of Catherine Deneuve. Perhaps there’s a PTA, Young Republican sexual appeal to them but it’s one from which I would flee in horror! Provincial, unaware and ripe for seduction by false leaders, these people are not going to serve as leaders of America’s dwindling white population.

Essentially, it proved the lack of anyone with an IQ over 115 among the majority of the attendees, which most concerned me. This became apparent at a Saturday night event with the dubious name of ‘Reaganpalooza’ held at a Dupont Circle nightclub. It proved to be just as ghastly as the moniker initially suggested. Drunken low-level Republican staffers drank cheap beer, ate dreadful hors d’oeuvres and danced/ground with each other while bad remixes of Eighties light rock songs wafted through the air. I left the nightclub several times because I couldn’t stand the ‘bad air’ stifling any creative impulse. Catching a taxi back to a friend’s house, I felt glad to escape such an environment that reminded me of the Bratpack movie St. Elmo’s Fire.

It is this fascination with the popular culture and political obsessions of the Reagan years that effectively demonstrates the conservative movement’s sterility. Bereft of ideas and careening from the arms of one political mediocrity to another in search of a leader, they do not recognize their own political, cultural and ethnic dispossession. Beltway conservatism simply cannot be changed and redirected towards a distinctly racialist and Judeocritical position. The only alternative is to halt any association with it and refocus all efforts on building up the far-right with new ideologues, European connections and a resolute defense of adamantine principles.

Currently, the American authentic right found in small organizations constitutes the only mental firepower against forces which oppose our continued existence. Our task now must be to free those few CPAC attendees capable of comprehending the higher principles which animate us. If we do so, we could extricate ourselves from the absurd carnival funhouse of Beltway conservatism, where floors shifts and angled mirrors distort realities. Stepping out of this demented environment and onto reality’s solid ground, we can built an ordered house for ourselves and our children to defend in an increasing alien nation.

Edward Gilman
Bangor, Maine 2012


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Edward Gilman is a far-right writer from Bangor, Maine.