6109 [Landmark Collaboration Between Oxford and Vatican Libraries Brings Ancient Texts into the Digital Era]


About Katelyn R. Bell

Katelyn R. Bell studied Digital Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Arizona State University. She is a contributing officer of the Ludovici Club: a group for the discussion and promotion of aristocratic virtues and culture. Katelyn is currently a student at the Global Institute of Sustainability, where her research interests include the intersections of environmental economics, sociobiology, cultural anthropology, environmental politics, design, and human geography relevant to the sustainability of both environmental as well as social institutions. Katelyn was recently accepted into a Medieval and Renaissance Studies program at Cambridge University where she will focus on historical interests while living abroad in the United Kingdom. She is a writer, photographer, graphic designer, astrologer, freelance make-up artist, fire-spinner, sociologist, webmaster and consultant. Katelyn designs jewelry and is an artist for Reignwear Creations. In her free time, she teaches astrology and does educational research work. She can be reached at katelyn.bell@theludoviciclub.com.